"Denise Lavigne was a very influential person in my golf life as well as my growth as a human being. She was able to teach how to play the game of golf, basically from scratch, and to reach such levels as to play for my national team and four years in Division one college golf. Denise is very efficient at was she does because she tells her students what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. The honesty she brings forth through her teaching methods is was made me a better golfer as well as better person. Denise also has an acute eye to detect flaws and improvements and her coaching on the mental side of the game made me also discosver who I was as a person in every day situation. Overall, Denise played a very influential role in my career as a golfer and I am very thankful for every thing she has given me."

Vincenzo Salina Amorini


"I have been working with Denise for nearly 10 years. Her approach has been very simple for me and always focused on the fundamentals. Denise helped me understand my golf swing and how to make changes on my own while I was on the road for professional golf. With her help I was able to change my swing from "being all over the place" to a simple compact swing. Denise has an incredible ability to pick up the problem right away without even using a video camera; I would kill to get her "eyes"! The sessions with her were always challenging but filled with fun."

Nora Angehrn (former LET player, Swiss PGA Class A Pro)


"Quand j'ai commencé à travailler avec Denise, je voulais travailler sur ma technique, mais j'ai plus évolué sur le parcours. C'étais la différence entre jouer du bon golf et jouer juste en tournoi!"

"Denise est la 1ère coach que j'ai vu avec le plus de technologie sur le swing, elle est toujours à jour avec les nouvelles méthodes d'enseignements"

Gregori Baumann
Swiss professional Player
Alpstour 3ème division Européenne


"I had the chance to work with Denise this spring. Her approach and knowledge impressed me right from the start as she was able to integrate feel while modifying my technique. I had issues with the start of my downswing, which she identified right off the bat, and used drills to make changes to my swing that respected what I had learned over the years. Can't wait to get on the course for the new season."

Steven Lapointe


"Je travaille avec Denise Lavigne depuis 3 ans, et durant cette période elle m'a aidé à sauter du niveau amateur au niveau professionnel. En travaillant tous les aspects de mon jeu, elle m'a préparée à etre confiante sur le circuit Symetra, et j'attribue mon succès à son engagement et sa détermination. Que vous soyez débutant ou d'un niveau avançé, je suggère fortement de rencontrer Denise Lavigne pour qu'elle puisse vous aider à atteindre votre potentiel."

Danielle Mills, Circuit Professionnel Symetra


"I've started working with Denise as a 13 year old in 1990. With her tremendous help I was able to compete in several Boys and Amateur European Championships, 4 World Amateur (Eisenhower Trophy) where I finished 5th in 2004, 3 Swiss Junior and 2 Swiss Amateur Championship, and a World Cup in 2006 (12th with Rominger) at the pro level. Denise has the experience to bring your golf to the next level. I can only recommend her to you!"

Nicolas Sulzer, Swiss PGA


"Thanks Denise, you’ve really improved my game! I’ve gone from a 19 handicap to a 14 in just 4 lessons."

Sandra Clarke


"Denise est une enseignante expérimentée et motivée qui a la qualité de pouvoir s'adapter au golfeur débutant comme élite.

Je lui dois beaucoup dans ma carrière golfique, c'est une personne au grand coeur et très douée avec les juniors."

Keep on.

Raphael de Sousa
European Challenge Tour Player